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Fostering, unlike adoption, can be for short or long periods of time and does not always involve the granting of a court order. Although it places a child with someone other than the child’s birth parents, it is not necessarily a permanent arrangement.

Fostering can be a hugely positive experience for both the child and the foster carers, but it can be demanding. It is important you understand the commitment and process before you decide to apply for fostering.

It might be that you are already a foster carer and want to know what other options are available to you – whether that be by way of applying for a Special Guardianship Order or other Order which might better suit you and your foster child’s circumstances.

You can contact us at Avery Naylor for advice and information on any fostering concerns. We can provide you with all the information you need in respect of fostering and the relevant process, as well as other options and Orders that might be available to you.

We can offer an initial free no-obligation chat over the phone to outline your options and the possible costs and in some circumstances we can explore on your behalf whether the Local Authority might be able to assist in meeting your legal costs.

If an individual suffers from learning difficulties or a mental health condition, then we are an experienced team of solicitors who regularly represent vulnerable clients in family law matters.

You might be supporting an individual with learning difficulties in a professional capacity who is a parent and you feel they are in need of legal advice and assistance? In such circumstances, we are happy to accept referrals directly from you.

In our capacity as family solicitors, we work closely with organisations such as MIND, Your Voice Advocacy and other agencies that support vulnerable individuals.

We always ensure that our service and advice is tailored to the needs of our clients and their level of understanding, and it is incumbent on us to always ensure that we are satisfied that our client has “capacity” to instruct us. Failing that, it might be that an assessment is sought to determine whether a client “has capacity” to litigate.

It may be the case the Official Solicitor will be appointed or a Next Friend and in all circumstances we are able to support and assist.


As a family law practice, we regularly represent individuals who might be suffering with drug and / or alcohol difficulties and this in turn might be impacting on their role as a parent. As a consequence, we work closely with local drug and alcohol agencies such as Drugs Aid, WCADA, AADAS and CDAT to ensure that our clients have access to the full range of support available to them.

If you are a professional working with an individual who you feel is in need of legal advice and assistance, then we are happy to accept referrals directly from you. Likewise if we have a client who is need of support from a drug or alcohol agency, then we will ensure we signpost them to your service.


If you are a professional providing support to an individual who has suffered or is suffering any form of domestic abuse, then you might consider they are in need of legal advice and representation. Whether that be in relation to matters concerning their children, or in the event they require any protective orders from the Court to safeguard their welfare. We regularly work in unison with domestic abuse agencies and are willing to accept referrals directly from you.  

Individuals you support, may be eligible for Legal Aid, and upon receipt of a referral we will ensure that an assessment is carried free of charge, to establish their eligibility. Changes to the Legal Aid domestic violence gateway came into force on 8 January 2018 and it is now possible for organisations providing domestic violence support services to provide the documentary evidence required to obtain legal aid.  This is something we will explore with you and the client at the outset.



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